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Klein Expresses Support for 8-30g


The Commissioner-designate of Connecticut’s new Department of Housing offered a clear endorsement Tuesday, February 26 of the state’s Affordable Housing Appeals Procedure (also known as 8-30g), saying she believes the statute should be left “as is” in the face of complaints from Fairfield County communities that its provisions are onerous.

Evonne M. Klein, whose nomination was approved by the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Tuesday after her confirmation hearing, was asked by several Fairfield County lawmakers if she would consider changes in the statute. Under its provisions, municipalities in which the affordable housing is less than 10% of the town’s total housing stock must permit development of new affordable housing proposals unless they can show that the development will threaten public health or safety.

Opposing municipalities say the law takes away local control by allowing developers to override local zoning commissions. But the law’s supporters say the statute is necessary to provide housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents who otherwise would be shut out of many towns. Klein, the former First Selectwoman of Darien who successfully pushed for creation of new affordable housing and regulations to support its future growth, said her department would work with towns to help them reach the 10% level. “We just need to get creative,” she said.

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