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The Intersections of Health and Housing: Learning from What Works

Urban Institute

In July of 2017, the Urban Institute released the Emerging Strategies for Integrating Health and Housing: Innovations to Sustain, Expand and Replicate report. Consisting of six in-depth interviews and case studies, the researchers sought to discover the key themes and most important takeaways from these innovative national ideas.

The study looked at national efforts to integrate housing and healthcare services for low-income people, with the central body of the approach being the hospital. Hospitals are also known by some as anchor institutions, meaning they are a community entity that is not likely to move out of its current location. This makes it a critical partner in efforts to enhance community wellbeing and outcomes as they relate to health and housing.

The predominant themes present among all six case-studies were as follows:

• Calling on stakeholders from health and housing sectors and identifying organizations with shared missions and goals and a willingness to translate information across different sectors.
• Identifying funding sources both from the public and private sectors, which will allow for increased flexibility and control over the use of funds.
• Engaging community residents to empower community ownership and involvement of the project, enhancing trust within the community.
• Establishing measures and a protocol for a shared database across sectors. While this can be difficult to achieve, it is critical to identify systemic performance and gaps to enhance outcomes moving forward.
• Lastly, having a way to measure specific health and housing outcomes is also critical. This will inform shared data collection efforts and will offer important insights into efforts to merge these two systems.

This data report aims to inform communities who are working to build stronger, more collaborative systems for the betterment of their residents and community. Health and housing are inextricably linked but our systems do not often operate collaboratively. This report offers some guidance in forming partnerships between the two siloed sectors to bring them together to create positive change.

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