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The Implications of Medicaid Changes for Housing Providers

National Housing Conference

The Center for Housing Policy at the National Housing Conference (NHC) has released a report on the possibilities provided by health care reform for affordable housing providers to partner with medical organizations. The report, entitled, Affordable Housing’s Place in Medicaid Reform: Opportunities Created by the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Reform, outlines Medicaid changes and how they encourage collaboration between the housing and health care fields.

The report reviews existing Medicaid structures and the changes that will affect the role of housing providers, including 1915(i), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Medicaid Health Homes, and Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs). It describes how new stress on care coordination and prevention creates an opportunity for housing providers to work together with health care providers and to be reimbursed for non-medical support services. Supports include providing housing to improve health issues and using housing as a platform for promoting health. The report highlights the CT AIDS and Reaching Home Campaign Connecticut Integrated Healthcare and Housing Neighborhoods (CIHHN) pilot as an example of these programs.

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