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Journey Home Reports on Value of Prevention Programs

Communities & Banking Magazine (FRBB)

Journey Home public policy intern Emily Anderson pens a piece about homelessness in Hartford for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Communities & Banking magazine. Anderson touches on the disconnect in downtown Hartford, the location of numerous Fortune 500 companies with high income earners who leave the city at night to their suburban homes, and hundreds of homeless.

She goes further to discuss how Journey Home has recently finished their 3 year Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) pilot to and how it has contributed to Greater Hartford’s plan to end homelessness. The program made a concerted effort to prevent homelessness by helping those that are at risk of homelessness in addition to helping those already homeless.

Although many people were assisted, the pilot program revealed that the need for short-term housing assistance is much greater than originally thought and that more investment in this area is needed for this population. A small amount of money was able to help hundreds of families.

Read the full article- Homelessness Prevention: An Inexpensive Solution to a Costly Social Problem.


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