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Housing & Education the Focus of Partnership's First 2012 Policy Brief

Partnership for Strong Communities

As the General Assembly considers Gov. Malloy’s multifaceted education reform package, state policymakers are also focusing on related issues that impact school performance. The affordability, quality and location of the homes school children and their families live in is a central factor in that equation. The Partnership for Strong Communities has produced its first Policy Brief of 2012 – Housing & Education Success: Closely Connected – to show the negative impact that housing costs burdens, substandard housing, mobility and overburdened local schools can have to classroom achievement.

In Connecticut, the achievement gap between white and minority children is the largest in the nation despite the fact that the state enjoys the second highest per capita income in the nation. Income inequality has led to housing disparity and numerous studies have found that housing quality, affordability and location can significantly impact school performance. In Housing & Educational Success: Closely Connected, the Partnership examines some of the links among housing, school performance, and the well being of children, and highlights recent studies that are of particular note. As the brief notes:

Families who are homeless, or frequently move, may be forced to transfer their children from school to school in mid-year, increasing the likelihood of classroom and social difficulties. Insecure housing situations can lead to emotional and behavioral problems, and substandard housing can cause physical maladies.

With increased focus on bridging the achievement gap in CT, it becomes important to consider not just a child's experiences from 9am to 3pm, but the conditions that s/he experiences from 3pm to 9am as well.  Learn more in Housing & Educational Success: Closely Connected. Click here to hear Howard Rifkin, Executive Director of the Partnerhsip for Strong Communities, discuss the connections between housing and education on WNPR's Where We Live, recorded February 14. Click here to read a commentary piece on housing and education written by Howard Rifkin that appeared in the Hartford Courant on February 12.


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