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Furthering Fair Housing Tops HUD’s 2013 Priority List


The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has pledged to make Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) its top priority for 2013. In its Statement of Regulatory Priorities for 2013, HUD outlines the way it will improve upon the current AFFH regulations.

The new regulatory priorities include a number of key changes:

  1. A new fair housing assessment and planning tool, referred to as an assessment of fair housing, which will replace the current analysis of impediments;
  2. The provision of nationally uniform data that will be the predicate for and help frame program participants' assessment activities;
  3. Meaningful and focused direction regarding the purpose of the assessment of fair housing and the standards by which it will be evaluated;
  4. A more direct link between the assessment of fair housing and subsequent program participant planning products – the Consolidated Plan and the Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plan – that ties fair housing planning into the priority setting, commitment of resources, and specification of activities to be undertaken; and,
  5. A new HUD review procedure based on clear standards that facilitates the provision of technical assistance and reinforces the value and importance of fair housing planning activities.


Click here to read HUD’s Statement of Regulatory Priorities.



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