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Danbury Celebrates Successes Against Homelessness


Over 200 people gathered in Danbury to celebrate the region's successes in housing the homeless, and to fortify its resolve to finally end homelessness once and for all. The Danbury Housing Partnership held its annual award breakfast October 20, drawing mayors, first selectmen, other town leaders and providers of housing and services from all 10 towns in the region.

Danbury Housing Partnership chairman Mark Nolan framed the occasion well by noting increased collaboration by many players in the fight to end homelessness, including federal, state and local governments across a variety of policy areas, as well as growing awareness that housing insecurity exists in all towns and affects families, employers and the overall community.

Danbury Breakfast
Speakers at the Breakfast

Two people who have experienced homelessness themselves shared their stories on how homelessness can happen suddenly, but the road to stability is long and difficult. One gentleman, an advertising executive, found himself without a home after a divorce and recession-related job loss resulted in foreclosure. He sleeps at a local emergency shelter and can't find work because he is deemed overqualified for every job he pursues. He is also unable to recover from a back injury because he has nowhere to rest during the day after the shelter closes each morning. Another gentleman, a veteran of Desert Storm in Iraq, had unaddressed post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which led to significant anxiety and addiction. After many years of successful career, parenting and homeownership, life unraveled into homelessness.

Laurie Harkness of VA–CT Healthcare received an award for her many years establishing new programs and refining the VA's approach to addressing homelessness among veterans. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and State Sen. Michael McLachlan were also recognized, for their local leadership in creating and implementing the Danbury region's ten-year plan to end homelessness.


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