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CT Receives “F” for Housing & Homeownership

Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)

Connecticut has scored an “F” for Housing & Homeownership on the 2013 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard from the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) which is even lower than the dismal “D” CT scored in this category in 2012. The CFED Scorecard looks at financial assets & income, businesses & jobs, housing & homeownership, healthcare, and education to. CT’s overall grade has dropped from 26 to 29 and is now 47th for Housing & Homeownership. Not surprisingly, CT’s ranking has dropped for almost all Housing & Homeownership outcome measures.

Below is how CT ranked in the five categories:

  • Housing & Homeownership: Grade F, Ranked 47th
  • Financial Assets & Income: Grade B, Ranked 13th
  • Businesses & Jobs: Grade D, Ranked 40th
  • Healthcare: Grade B, Ranked 16th
  • Education: Grade B, Ranked 16th

To view the full 2013 scorecard and outcome measures, click here. 
Click here to read CT’s scorecard report from 2012. 


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