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CT’s Housing Prices Decline While Housing Transactions Increase


According to an assessment by the UConn Business School, Connecticut’s housing prices have declined and transactions have increased during the first quarter of 2012.

The updated estimate from January to March 2012 found that the value of a typical house dropped 6% holding constant for location and house quality. This was not true for all towns.  Housing in Bridgeport, Enfield and New Haven showed signs of stabilizing. Unfortunately Danbury and Hartford saw a housing value decrease of more than 8% and Stamford, Torrington and Waterbury each saw a decrease of more than 10%.  Condos also saw a negative trend in housing value- 2011 saw a 5% decline whereas 2012 shows a 9% decline.

Transactions have increased 10% this quarter when compared to the 1st quarter of 2011. This data combined with numbers from the second half of 2011 is comparable to 2008 data.

Click here for links to final numbers through 2011-fourth quarter and preliminary estimates for the first quarter of 2012. 


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