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Bill Proposes Changes to Regulations for Small PHAs


The Small Public Housing Agency Opportunity Act of 2012 was introduced to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on September 13. 

This bill would allow for greater flexibility and some changes in oversight requirements for small public housing agencies (PHAs). Small PHAs administer 550 or fewer public housing units and Housing Choice Vouchers combined.

Some of the changes proposed by the bill:

  • Limiting HUD inspections of housing and voucher units to once every three years, unless the small PHA has been classified as “troubled.”
  • Allowing up to 50% of the PHA’s voucher allocation to be project-based, up from 20%.
  • Allowing for Public Housing Operating Funds, Public Housing Capital Funds, and Housing Choice Voucher funds to be combined and used for any activity eligible under the public housing or voucher programs.

To read a summary of some of the other changes proposed by the bill, click here.

Click here for the full text of S.3538 


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