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June 27, 2011
This fact sheets explains the HOMEConnecticut program and how municipalities can receive state funds to benefit building affordable, dense housing. Municipalities that agree to create housing in...
Affordable Housing, Community Development, State News
June 22, 2011
The public may comment and propose revisions through June 24 on the Department of Economic and Community Development’s 2008 Action Plan for the Community Development Block Grant (CDGB)...
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June 15, 2011
Journey Home
Chronic homelessness in Hartford fell 57% from 2004 to 2010 according to the Greater Hartford Homelessness Report Card released Tuesday by Journey Home, the agency overseeing the Hartford region...
Affordable Housing, Homelessness, State News
June 08, 2011
The bond authorization bill and budget implementation legislation passed over the last several days by the General Assembly makes affordable housing creation a central focus, with hundreds of...
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June 08, 2011
Coordinated Intake Considered in Connecticut
Homelessness, Reports and Publications, State News
June 03, 2011
Homelessness, Reports and Publications, State News
May 26, 2011
This 2009 report from the Middlesex United Way focuses on the general needs of veterans as well as the needs of veterans who are homeless in Middlesex County, CT. Data was gathered through...
Homelessness, State News, Supportive Housing
May 25, 2011
May 25, 2011 - A survey of conditions faced by hundreds of people enduring homelessness was conducted recently by Journey Home, the organization leading the ten-year plan to end homelessness in the...
Affordable Housing, Community Development, Reports and Publications, State News
May 24, 2011
This short 2008 report from Connecticut Voices for Children examines these recent trends in Connecticut employment, unemployment, and income to assess the health of the state economy. Read the...
Affordable Housing, State News, Supportive Housing
April 22, 2011
The budget compromise agreed to by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the Democratic legislative leadership - approved Thursday by the Appropriations and Finance Committees  - offers extensive new...

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