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September 07, 2011
HUD will create a national Housing Transportation Affordability Index, which will provide potential homebuyers with a true estimate of both housing and transportation costs
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September 06, 2011
The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) announced $10 million in tax credits for the development of 844 units of affordable and supportive housing across the state.
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September 02, 2011
CHFA is seeking applications for its Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative, including capitol financing, project-based rental assistance, and support service funding for PSH development projects
Affordable Housing, Community Development, State News
August 31, 2011
DSS has implemented a Earned Income Disregard program for people with disabilities who live in certain types of subsidized housing.
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August 31, 2011
HUD's RAD proposal, which is a slimmed down iteration of HUD’s 2010 Transforming Rental Assistance idea to convert certain HUD subsidies in order to attract private financing.
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August 31, 2011
A letter urging President Obama to include $10 billion in funding for the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) in the jobs package he is expected to announce was signed by 44 national organizations
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August 31, 2011
Six of twelve Connecticut geographies have proposed Fair Market Rents (FMRs) lower in Fiscal Year 2012 than they were in Fiscal Year 2011, according to the notice announcing the FY12 Proposed FMRs.
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August 29, 2011
The Bond Commission voted to allocate nearly $18 million for construction and rehabilitation of 390 units of affordable housing Friday, creating an estimated 391 construction related jobs.
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August 22, 2011
Dave sits across the table with a friendly smile, adorned in a Yankees cap and orange polo shirt. He's happy, but it's taken a lot of work - "When you're addicted, it's not...
Affordable Housing, Community Development, Homelessness, Reports and Publications
August 22, 2011
National Housing Conference
The New Haven Metro area had the highest rate of foreclosure in Connecticut, followed by Norwich-New London, Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, and Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford.

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