Connecticut's Conference Center

About the Lyceum

The Lyceum Resource and Conference Center is dedicated to knowledge sharing, policy development and practical solutions to ending homelessness, creating affordable housing and developing strong communities...

History of the Lyceum

The Lyceum has long been a melting pot of people and ideas, a center for the community, and an engaging, exciting place.  Built by the Catholic Archdiocese in 1895-96 as a wholesome gathering place for young men...


The Lyceum and the Quest for Homes

The Lyceum has been a gathering place full of life and activity for more than a century.  Purchased and renovated by the Melville Charitable Trust in 2003 and opened in 2004, it now houses meeting space available to the community and to agencies concerned with safe, affordable housing issues in Connecticut.

Home of the Partnership

The Partnership for Strong Communities' offices are located on the first floor of the Lyceum in a dynamic, open-air space. The building is also home to Gallo & Robinson, LLC and the offices of Billings Forge Community Works

A Meeting Place With History and Character

The Lyceum is the premier location in Central Connecticut for board meetings, trainings, seminars and events. The gracious rooms, sweeping brick curves, and inspiring architecture create a pleasing atmosphere.

The airy, light-filled spaces are within walking distance to state office buildings and the Capitol.  The historic brick building has ample parking and is appropriate for a wide range of functions.

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