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Help Us Launch Young Energetic Solutions (YES)


The Partnership for Strong Communities is starting a new Connecticut-wide initiative to help young adults play a larger role in shaping their communities – called Young Energetic Solutions (YES).  As we held our April IForum “Connecticut’s Young Professionals: Can Communities Keep and Attract Them?” it became more and more clear to us that there are a large number of young people who see untapped potential in our cities, and want to work to improve them.  Many young people have creativity, energy and motivation that Connecticut can benefit from, but they sometimes have trouble getting in the game to make meaningful change.

Through YES, young people will shape and promote solutions to foster the communities they and many others desire:  an array of affordable rental and ownership housing opportunities; strategies to marry those affordable homes with mass transit; placemaking that will create interesting locales – with restaurants, clubs, shopping and workplaces ; and proactive municipal planning to create parks, bike lanes and other amenities.

Young Energetic Solutions (YES) may change over time, but it will initially consist of these components:

  • A statewide committee of young people (approx. age 20-40), that will bring public and policy attention to ways our communities can best attract and meet the needs of younger adults.  It will also support local efforts to improve communities, and cross-pollinate good solutions among them.
  • Local groups of young people that generate solutions to make our communities more affordable, functional and enjoyable, and then engage governments and residents to consider new ways of “placemaking.”
  • A statewide advisory committee of older professionals that can help YES members navigate government and private-sector systems.
  • Online hubs where young people can discuss, debate, collaborate and learn about these issues, including the Partnership’s website, Facebook, Twitter and other electronic media.  There will also be face-to-face meetings and events to deepen understanding and forge consensus.

Learn more:

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